We are currently cooking once a week…

We start off focusing on wholesale for food stuffs.  This factoid does not mean you can’t order here, but initially all that will be available (in stock) are extra quantities we produce while filling wholesale orders.  If an item is in stock, snatch it up and it will ship out the next day.  Please be patient as we grow, these things will become more efficient along our journey.

We’re not exactly certain yet on the wholesale details and how the processor/retailer relationships with respect to shipping and the like work… yet.  Locally we deliver twice monthly, adjusting as necessary, producing product for local sampling events.  If ordering wholesale for locations beyond the Tacoma/Seattle area, please contact us for details and dates, we will be eager to get things properly setup to best achieve the needs, as this whole thing evolves.  To us, freshness and price accuracy are essential for everyone involved, this allows us to keep those points in focus.

General details/examples:

    • Local deliveries will be made bi-monthly or as agreed.
    • For now, it’s just cookies (it could be worse, but it’s this way for a reason… rules are rules, let’s just get it right.)

NOTE: If you enjoy our product(s) and think others in your area would as well, please contact us directly with retail endpoint details (name and location should suffice), and we will attempt to get things moving from our side.  We are rooted in/from/around CrossFit, and focused on supporting that community, looking for interested pilot gyms to onboard for retail trials.  Since we’re licensed for wholesale, there are some needs which must to be met for tax reasons, namely reselling permits.  A separate page for this will be created soon, but for now contact us has our email addresses, any of which will suffice.

Payment Options:

  • Credit/Debit payments through this portal, are the ONLY supported method.  PayPal may follow suit, if you prefer that, give us a holler.

Shipping (Food) items:

At this time only cookies are on the menu, we are diligently working on the packaging and shipping metrics, so you’ll need to contact us for details prior to ordering for best service.  See also Shipping Details for more clarification around this.

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