Change usually begins with a simple questioning thought…

…how do I feel about the foods I’ve been eating? 

…how about the foods I turn to when I haven’t planned or thought about what I’ll consume wherever my day takes me?

We asked ourselves this years ago, after a few people in our community had asked themselves the same question which compelled them to go digging for an answer.  While there are certainly enough reasons to eat in less than optimal ways; price, availability, effort… (the list is lengthy).  Day in and day out, we are constantly pounded with creative marketing and sales ploys – ‘hot and ready’, ‘buy one get one’, ‘any size, same low price’… sound familiar?

Once we looked at our own habits, the problems were brutally clear.  How can a $0.99 hamburger even exist, and really what sort of value does it have along side a bucket of sugar water, and deep fried potatoes?  How many things that go into that snack on the run, can you actually comprehend?

We realize the ideals driving change of dietary habits are not new; old habits have deep grooves which have a way of pulling even the strongest back into the ruts.

We were in the same situation as a huge percentage of the population,  luckily for us we had interest in the questions those we came to know were asking.  They proposed means to a change, cleverly masked in competition.

We took that challenge; initially spanning a mere 30 days.  What we learned in that short amount of time would eventually evolve into so much more than we ever imagined.  Sure, there is challenge in fueling your body in a way which costs more than the change spilling out of loose pockets; it takes focus and effort but like anything else worth doing, those are the cost of progress and evolution.

We are dedicated to expanding the minds of those who seek a better state, by applying a ‘push’ toward (or along) the same path we traveled ourselves.  Supporting that journey by offering simple, clean, and mindful products which promote consistent forward progress along life’s winding road.

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